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Auto Transportation: Everything You Need to Know

Auto transport, also known as auto shipping, is the process of transporting a vehicle from the point of origin to the destination point. You may want your car moved from your old home to your new home, or you could be visiting another city, and you want your car shipped so that you can use it there. Or maybe you are attending an event such as a wedding or motor show somewhere and you need your car shipped to the location of the event. All these are events that call for auto shipping services. The following gives insight into auto transport to help you make an informed decision on car shipping.

Types of Auto Shipping

Auto shipping companies offer two major options for shipping cars from one destination to another.

They include:

  • Open auto-transport - this kind of auto shipping is uncovered and more popular due to its price. An open trailer can carry up to 12 cars. Vehicles moved with open carriers are not protected from weather elements like snow, rain, and dust. Thus, before choosing this option, you must know that your vehicle will be exposed to all these elements. If you wish to protect your car more, you can go for the alternative, which is enclosed shipping. However, shipping companies take a lot of caution and deliver the vehicles as intact, as possible, as they were before.
  • Enclosed car shipping - this is the most ideal car shipping option, especially for the transportation of classic or custom-made vehicles. The closed trailer has a covered freight area, protecting the cars from adverse weather conditions.

The auto shipping cost for enclosed car shipping is higher than that of open shipping for obvious reasons. Your car will be more protected in the enclosed trailer than it will be in the open trailer.

Preparing a Vehicle for Auto Shipping

Preparing the vehicles before shipping it is very important. It is advisable to clean the vehicle beforehand. This way you will easily identify any chips, marks, and scratches that may happen if they do happen. Still, during preparation, do the following:

  • Clean the inside and remove anything that is not secured such as electronics, air fresheners and cables
  • Do not gas up; in fact, leave as little fuel in the tank as possible to avoid adding weight
  • Check for leaks and have them repaired
  • Ensure the tire pressure is perfect to avoid damaging the vehicle during loading and offloading.
  • Remove custom accessories
  • Lock the car


Find out whether your car insurance company will insure the car while on transit. The auto shipping company may also insure the car while shipping, but not items in the car.

Carts transporting by truck

Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle shipping is slightly different from car shipping. The motorcycle is tied onto a pallet before loading it into the trailer.

Delivery Time

With auto transport, pickup and delivery dates can sometimes only be estimates. There are many factors that come into play such as weather, traffic, and truck breakdowns. However, to offer the best auto shipping services, the shipping company will put all this into consideration before giving you the expected time for delivery.

It is important that you are conversant with the above basics when you want to ship your vehicle in addition to finding a reliable auto shipping company such as LaPowski Transportation LLC. Contact us today for all your shipping needs.

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