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Debunking Common Car Shipping Myths

Whether you’re moving cross-country or simply need to ship your car to a destination, car shipping services offer a great way to get your cherished auto from one point to another in a safe and efficient manner. Of course, handing your car off to a shipping company involves some trust in the service you use, so it pays to do your research to find the best car shipping services to move your car. No matter whether you choose to ship on an open hauler or in a closed container, a car shipping service can help you get where you need to go without risking your prized possession.

The car shipping industry is rife with myths and misconceptions, however. That can make it difficult to sort fact from fiction when deciding whether to use a shipping service. By educating yourself about the car shipping industry and divining myths from reality, you can make an informed decision the next time you need to ship your car. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common myths surrounding the car shipping industry and how you can debunk them.

Myth 1: Shipping Takes Longer Than Driving

While you may think you’re up to the task of a long-haul cross-country trip in your favorite automobile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make it to your destination more quickly. Driving coast to coast can take a week depending on how much driving you’re willing to do each day. When calculating your drive time, you must factor in time to sleep and eat as well as how long the drive will be. You can save yourself the trouble by hiring a car shipping service that can keep your car moving in the right direction and get it to your destination as fast as you would if you drove it yourself—if not faster.

Myth 2: Shipping is More Expensive than Driving

Again, while you may think that you can save money by driving your car rather than shipping it cross-country, the numbers don’t exactly add up. While you’ll pay a flat fee to ship your car, driving your car introduces many variables that can drive up the cost. You’ll have to buy fuel during your trip, and pricing can vary widely from state to state. You’ll also have to pay for food and lodging while on the road, as the trip will take several days to complete. You’ll also be accruing mileage on your car, which will depreciate its value, accelerate your maintenance schedule, and possibly result in costly repairs. Not to mention, you may have to take off work to complete the trip, which can result in lost earnings. When you think about it, the price you pay for car shipping is reasonable when you consider how costly it can be to drive your car across the country.

Myth 3: Car Shipping Rates are Based on Distance Alone

Most car shipping companies consider more than just the distance that the car is being shipped when figuring rates. While distance is one component that plays a part in pricing, there are other factors that go into the equation as well. For example, the kind of carrier being used, the type of automobile you’re shipping, and the timeline for delivery all influence pricing. For example, if you’re shipping an economy car, it will usually cost less than shipping a large SUV on the same carrier.

Transporting carsMyth 4: Door-to-Door Service is Unusual

Door-to-door service is the standard method of pickup and delivery for most car shipping companies. Door-to-door shipping simply means that the car carrier picks up your car from your selected address and delivers it directly to its destination. That means you won’t have to arrange to drop off your car prior to shipping or pick it up afterwards. That increases the convenience to the consumer and makes sure the car moves safely from your custody to its destination.

If you need to move a car from one coast to the other, don’t buy into these common myths about the car shipping industry. Car shipping services are convenient, affordable, and safe, making them an excellent option for moving your vehicle over a long distance. If you’re looking for a car shipping company, look no further than LaPowski Transportation. Call (631) 482-3691 or request a free quote online.

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