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Things to Consider before Hiring an Auto Transport Service

Hiring an auto transport company may seem like a leap of faith, since you’ll be trusting one of your most valuable possessions to their care. Auto transport companies can dramatically simplify the act of moving your treasured vehicles from one side of the country to another or just across town. A quality service can save you money, time, and a great deal of heartache. Attempting to move your automobile great distances by yourself can be difficult and time-consuming. However, the best auto transport companies will make moving your car a seamless endeavor, whether you opt for terminal-to-terminal service or the white-glove treatment.

If you conduct diligent research, you can find an auto transport service that will win both your trust and your business. Professional auto transport services will attend to your vehicle with care and detail to make sure that your vehicle returns to you in the same condition it left, whether you’re moving it across town or across country. But before hiring an auto transport company, there are some things you should know about shipping your car. Continue reading to find out a few factors to consider before hiring an auto transport company.

Open or Closed?

There are two primary types of auto carriers that are used by auto transport companies. Therefore, you’ll have to decide which type best meets your needs. If you’re shipping a classic collectible car across the country, you’ll want the maximum protection for your vehicle to prevent it from incurring damage on the road. You’ll also want it to be secured from the reach of the public; thieves may want to break into your car, or worse, steal it outright. A closed carrier provides additional protection, but that comes at an additional cost. If, however, you’ve taken a job in another state and just want to effortlessly move your daily driver, you may opt for an open transport carrier. It will be the least expensive option and it will give you the greatest flexibility in scheduling, since there are more open carriers on the road than closed carriers.

What Type of Service?

Whether you choose an open or closed transport, there are also decisions to be made about the kind of service you opt to use. For example, you can get door-to-door service at a slightly higher charge. A transport will pick your car up from your home or place of work and deliver it directly to your new destination. Another option is terminal-to-terminal delivery, in which you leave your car at a shipping terminal, and the shipper transports it to a similar terminal near your new destination where you can pick it up after it arrives. Terminal-to-terminal service offers the lowest price point, but it’s hard to beat the convenience of door-to-door service. If you want your car to get the VIP treatment in an enclosed trailer, however, you can hire a firm that provides white-glove service to get the highest level of care. Balance your needs with other considerations including your budget, the value of your car, and the timeframe for delivery with each service.

Car parked in drivewayLook for Credentials

Given the level of trust you must have in your car shipping company, it’s important to ask about and verify the credentials of the auto transport companies you’re considering. Be sure to vet the shipping firm by asking about their insurance for property damage as well as their registration with the Department of Transportation. If the company is local, you can also check to make sure business licenses are current and the business is in good standing with local chambers of commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

If you need to move your car across the country or just across town, there are plenty of auto transport services who can help you accomplish the task. By identifying your needs and asking a few key questions before hiring a service, you can ensure that you get the safest, most reliable car transport service available. Begin and end your search for a reliable auto transport service, contact LaPowski Transportation by calling (631) 482-3691.

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