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Tips to Preparing Your Car for Auto Transport

Your car is one of the most important material items you own. Other than your home, your car likely represents your largest single financial investment. It also represents your ability to generate a livelihood in many cases, as most people need their cars to get to and from work. An automobile can also serve as an investment or a source of entertainment for hobbyist owners. It doesn’t matter why your car is important to you. What is important is that when you must entrust it to the care of others that you feel comfortable and confident that it will be treated properly.

Many people entrust their vehicles to car transport companies when they need to move their vehicles long distance but elect not to drive them. The best car transport companies are excellent at protecting your car and ensuring that it reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Cheap car transport is a worthwhile option for those who don’t want to add up mileage driving cross-country or those who have classic cars or luxury automobiles that are better insulated from the hazards of the open road. While a car transport service will do everything possible to protect your car, there are a few things you should do before handing your vehicle off to prepare it for its trip. Keep reading to learn a few tips for preparing your car for shipment.

Clean Your Car

It’s important to clean your car prior to handing it off to a transport company for several reasons. You want to make sure that the interior is cleared of debris and items that could shift during shipping and cause unnecessary damage. It’s also a good idea to take out anything of value from the car that can be removed. For example, if you have a pull-out car stereo, DVD player, or expensive electronics like satellite radio or GPS, you should take those out of the car before shipping it. That will reduce the risk of theft and keep your valuables protected. Also, wash the outside of your vehicle. While it may seem like wasted effort since you’ll probably need to wash it after shipping as well, washing it beforehand can help you identify any dents or damage that may occur during shipping.

Don’t Refuel

If you know you’re going to be shipping your car, try to use as much gas as possible in the days before shipping and don’t refuel. Though most modern gas tanks are considered safe, there’s no reason to tempt fate by having a full tank of flammable gas, especially when your car won’t need any gas while in transport anyway. You can always top off the tank after shipment and avoid a potentially hazardous situation.

Check for Leaks

Many cars leak fluids routinely, which can create a problem for cars that are transported in stacked carriers. Therefore, it’s courteous to check beneath your car for significant leaks prior to shipment. If you find a leak, make sure to get it repaired before handing your car off to the car transport company. It’s not only the right thing to do to prevent damage to vehicles that may be beneath yours on the auto hauler, but some companies will refuse to transport your car if they are suffering from major leaks.

Examining CarAir Up the Tires

One last thing you should do before dropping your car off for the transport company is make sure that the tires are properly inflated. If they are overinflated or underinflated, make sure to adjust them appropriately. Not only can improperly inflated tires increase the risk of damage to your car during transport, but they can also create unnecessary risk on the roadway that can put others in danger.

If you’re using a car transport company to move your vehicle, be sure to use these tips before loading it on the hauler. By doing so, you’ll give your car its best chance of arriving at its destination in the same condition you left it in. To learn more about preparing your car for transport, visit LaPowski Transportation LLC at

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